Project Twenty21

Project TWENTY21 will facilitate legal, affordable access to medicinal cannabis for 20,000 patients – and build the evidence base needed

Hannah Slater, Senior Communications Manager

One year on from the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, patients still have no access to cannabis-based medicines via the NHS. Last week at a parliamentary group meeting, we heard from patients how the lack of legal access means that many are forced to break the law in order to obtain the medicinal cannabis which has had profoundly positive impacts on their health. These powerful, distressing testimonies showed the urgent need for an acceleration of evidence gathering on medicinal cannabis to meet the requirements of our health regulators in order to facilitate access through the NHS.

The CDPRG are delighted to be supporting Project TWENTY21, an ambitious study which launches today to gather the evidence on medicinal cannabis. Project TWENTY21 is coordinated by the independent, scientific body DrugScience, which aims to enrol 20,000 UK patients by the end of 2021. The study will provide medicinal cannabis to patients who may benefit and collect real world data on efficacy, safety, quality adjusted life years and patient reported outcomes. This data will be used to support applications to health authorities for wider access to medicinal cannabis through the NHS.