Our Mission

As a purpose-driven, public facing organisation operating with full transparency, the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group’s (CDPRG) mission is to evaluate professional and expert evidence drawn from across the spectrum of medicine, law-enforcement, economics, ethics, criminology and human rights.

We have three initial policy objectives:

1) Gain earliest safe access for people who can benefit from cannabis based medical products;

2) Secure HMG assessment of Canadian and other models of regulated adult-use cannabis markets, particularly in respect of child protection and crime reduction, giving Parliament the evidence on which to decide if the U.K. should take a similar or adapted approach;

3) Establish a Royal Commission to assess the costs and benefits of the prohibition of narcotic drugs and ask it to make recommendations.

Shifting attitudes towards drugs and concerns about the efficacy of our current approach mean that there is clear public appetite for a review of UK drug policy. We believe it is the responsibility of those on the centre-right to promote a drugs policy which is evidence-based, credible with the electorate, compatible with our core values and reduces harm.

“I agree that the concept of a Royal Commission seems to be eminently sensible. I welcome the formation of the Drug Policy Reform Group and wish it well.”
— Sir John Major, KG CH
Former Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party

“I fully support the view that the current prohibitionist policy on drugs is ineffective and counter-productive. I welcome all efforts to promote evidence-based assessment of the merits of prohibition of narcotic drugs: I believe such as assessment would be an important route to reduce the harm to society of the current policy framework. I wish CDPRG well in its efforts to achieve improved public policy towards drugs. The need for fundamental policy reassessment is urgent and I would welcome UK leadership in this reassessment which a Royal Commission could help deliver.”
— The Rt Hon Lord Evans of Weardale, KCB DL.
Chair of the Committee of Standards in Public Life
Director General of MI5 (2007-13)