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Briefing: Opioids in the UK

Published 30 August 2019

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This short briefing looks at opioid dependence, misuse and related deaths, comparing the UK with the US and the OECD average, and discusses the complex causes of the opioid crisis as well as suggested policy interventions.

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Public Attitudes to Drugs in the UK 2019: Is the UK ready for drug policy reform?

Published 3 September 2019

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This major survey commissioned by the CDPRG from YouGov explores public attitudes to drugs and drug reform in 2019. The research focuses on three key areas; Medicinal cannabis, Adult-use cannabis markets, and Wider drug policy reform.

This report explores the survey findings, looking at the attitudes of the British public overall as well as among Conservative voters, and finds that there is a clear recognition that the government’s current approach to drug policy in the UK is not working to reduce harms, although there is less consensus on an alternative approach should be.